Hawksbill Trading Company

Hawksbill Trading Company

Arts & Crafts


Shop and be inspired by our ingenuity. Our creativity is your reward. Our artisans are here to make your life a little more special.

Produce & Baked Goods


Shop here for locally grown vegetables and delicacies baked with care. From our farms to your tables, we offer you the best ingredients.

Accessories & Gifts


When you are in need of a gift, we will have something special for you to give. Don’t limit yourself, be creative with your giving. Or treat yourself to something new.

Home Decor & Antiques


From market finds to repurposed items and furniture. Our sellers bring to you only the best selections to compliment your good taste.



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139 Virginia Avenue – Luray, Virginia

The Hawksbill Trading Company is a small business incubator offering produce, baked goods, accessories, home goods, antiques, fashion, arts and crafts.

Our hours currently are:

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Hawksbill Trading Company

The Shenandoah Valley has a tradition of innovation born of necessity. Our ancestors who settled this area made what they needed, and traded any excess that they had. From a humble barn raising, to a fine painted blanket chest, nothing was a solo production. It took a group of artisans, crafters, tinkers and growers then, and it takes the same now.

During the train age in Luray there was a sophisticated merchant class that went as far as New York to bring the latest fashions back for their mercantiles. In return longboats made their way to Georgetown via the Shenandoah River shipping pig iron, grain and other products to the newly formed Nations Capitol.

Our cooperative is the latest chapter in this long tradition of trade. Items that show an actual hand in the process are what we crave. Locally grown and sourced ingredients are what we serve at our tables. Unique antique and vintage items that have a one of a kind story are what we use to decorate our homes. Artisan made items are what we treasure and hand down.

We invite you to stop in and see the latest offerings. Serve up something new that is as old as the hills. Visit a while, tell some lies, slow down and live a little at the Trading Company

Old Main Street Luray


“Little Bit of Everything”
Local farm food, home decor items, antiques, etc. This place has it all. We bought apple butter, salsa, some fall home decorations, a coffee mug and potpourri. It’s a sizeable store too, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. To me, it’s one of the must-stop-in stores in downtown Luray.

I am so pleased a group of people have stepped up to keep the building open and are committed to making Hawksbill Trading Company a success. Our town needs it and we should all support its’ merchants.

Lots of local crafts and clever uses of antiques BUT best of all is the great local produce. If you are staying in a cabin or camping be sure to check out the nice variety of local baked goods too. Frozen meat and seafood are available and a cut above what the grocery stores have. Very attractive and a great use of space.