Interested in starting a Small Business?

The Hawksbill Trading Company (HTC) is a grassroots organization created to support small business in Page County by giving them a store space to get a successful start. And as we grow we plan to become a proactive partner with local leaders and doers to nurture the small businesses our community needs.

Becoming a vendor at the trading company puts you in a community with fellow local successful entrepreneurs. Many members enhance their skills in marketing, accounting, staging, merchandising, but we all have something to teach one another. We are open to testing new concepts and are a supportive community where success is defined only as trying.

To join is easy and you will receive many benefits.

First, fill out the Vendor Application and provide us with any written description, and/or photos that you might have along with an idea of the space needs you might have. Rent is set at a minimum of $30 a month and goes up from there at a rate of $1.80 per square foot per month.

Once your application is submitted, it is reviewed and put to a vote by HTC’s board of directors.  Our BOD consists of a president, treasurer and secretary that keep the trains running from a management perspective.

Once in we will share with you our governing by laws and marketing plan so nothing is secret or ambiguous. We ask you to pay your rent on the first and we pay you your previous months sales on the tenth of the month. We pay the sales tax for you so you can focus on your product and growing your business.

The HTC is a membership owned and driven organization. You will have many opportunities to volunteer to help us all succeed. We need people to open the store, manage events, and help with accounting and marketing. So we invite you to get involved and help make the Hawksbill Trading Company small business’ big deal.

To join HTC simply fill out the application below and return it either in person or by email.

HTC Vendor Application

Hawksbill Trading Company
139 Virginia Ave.
Luray, Va. 22835

Subject: Employment Application