Page County Young Entrepreneurs Program

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What in the world is a YEP?

YEP LogoYEP – the Page County Young Entrepreneur Program is an exciting new initiative to educate, inspire, and assist young entrepreneurs with the tools and skills necessary to turn passions into profits!

YEP is open to Page County residents between the ages of 16-25.

YEP is a partnership between Hawksbill Trading Company, The Small Business Development Center, Page County Public Schools, Lord Fairfax Community College, Members of the local business community, and YOU!

Over the next 4 months, we’ll work together to help you develop your ideas for a product and service into a viable business.

You’ll meet with local business leaders, small business owners, and other valuable resource providers for instruction and inspiration. You’ll be introduced to professionals in accounting, marketing, business law, product development, and more to equip you with all the information necessary for a successful business launch in Page County.

 7 winners will receive one year of free retail space at Hawksbill Trading Company to sell their products and services, and receive continued mentorship and assistance

Key Dates & Classes

Each week, you’ll learn from business experts, guest speakers, and each other. We’ll discuss the topics, help you research and make decisions about your business, and provide lots of feedback and support. The schedule below is tentative and will be adjusted to meet your needs and to accommodate Senior Trips and Spring Breaks!

Week 1

  • Introduction to YEP, to each other, and to business planning
  • Your Business Idea – What are you dreaming of?

Week 2

  • Your Products and Revenue Model – What makes you unique?

Week 3

  • Your Customers – Who is your customer? What problem are you solving?

Week 4

  • Your Place in the Market – Role Models, Rivals, and Stakeholders

Week 5

  • Your Finances – Pricing, Start-up Expenses, and Cash Flow

Week 6

  • Your Organization – Legal, Regulatory, and Other Details

Weeks 7 & 8

  • Electives – planned to meet your needs

Week 9

  • Your Customer Relations – in other words…Marketing

Week 10

  • Wrap up – Reviews and Questions – Pitch Practice

Week of May 22YEP Competition / Celebration   An evening to recognize everyone’s hard work, great ideas, and next steps.  Prizes, cheers, and lots of fun.

Throughout 2017 and Beyond – One-on-one consultations, mentoring, and connections to resources to help everyone move ahead.

Next Steps

  • Complete the YEP Application Form.
  • Think about your goals, dreams, and “what if” ideas!
  • Attend the Prep Session on Feb 8.
  • Mark your calendar for Feb 16 and Wednesdays from Feb 22 to April 26.

Your YEP Team

  • Jay North, President, Hawksbill Trading Company
  • Joyce Krech, Director, Small Business Development Center
  • Sara Levinson, Business Advisor, Small Business Development Center
  • Donna Whitley-Smith, Superintendent of Page County Public Schools
  • Steven Johnson, Business Curriculum Teacher, Page County Public Schools
  • Kim Blosser, VP Academic & Student Affairs, Lord Fairfax Community College
  • Community Members and Supporters – you’ll meet them throughout the program!

For more information or to turn in application, please email us at: or drop the application off at

Hawksbill Trading Company
139 Virginia Ave
Or, call 540 743 1819

Forms for You

Thanks to our Sponsors!

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